The Alliance for Excellence in Online Education will honor an outstanding post-secondary faculty member at our annual symposium to be held in the fall of each year.  This award is a much-deserved recognition of one of the talented and hardworking faculty among us.  This individual is one who has enthusiastically demonstrated excellence in transitioning their discipline into the medium of online education.  The award recognizes innovative teaching strategies involving technology rather than the use of technology for its own sake.  We are delighted to be able to recognize the contributions of our highly valued colleague, and look forward to many more years of collaboration.


The Alliance feels the recipient of this award should embody these qualifications:

  •  The award candidate has demonstrated a commitment to quality by enriching course experiences through the innovative use of instructional technology.
  •  Of paramount concern is their goal of enhancing students’ learning and retention. The award candidate continually seeks to develop interesting and highly engaging learning opportunities for his/her students.
  •  The award candidate inspires and serves as a role-model to his/her colleagues.

The winner will be chosen by the officers of the Alliance for Excellence in Online Education steering committee.  The winner will receive public recognition at the annual Symposium, a commemorative plaque for their office and a travelling plaque for their college.  In addition, the award winner’s college will receive a monetary donation to the scholarship fund of their choice.

Please send your nominations to Dr. Patrick Callaghan at